Captain Bulldog Reloaded

CBR is not just
a token...

Captain Bulldog is a real company based in Germany. A real „limited liability company“. Get to know us and you will see that it is more than just a token.

Captain Bulldog & friends

Get to know our Cat and dog food

Captain Bulldog isn’t only a crypto token. Behind the name there is a company that sells real cat and dog food! So when you support the coin you have a real ensurance of its realness. An online shop for dog and cat food in premium quality!

The shop will initially be available for all of Europe.
Our goal is to expand worldwide and have a store in the United States of America.
We just have to find a strong partner to achieve this goal.

You have a cat or a dog on your own? Try the food!

If you buy goods in our shop with CBR, you get a 20% discount on our products! In addition, by holding, you earn 2% reflection from every transaction!

Get to know us

Who the … is
Captain bulldog?

With your investment you support the Captain Bulldog community and it’s rising. And that is good for what?
It is good for you and your investment. Because when you hold CBR
you automatically earn more CBR. More token means for you more
choices of buying crypto. If the value of CBR increases, you can buy
more food for your animals.

Trust CBR and join us!

Profit from holding, profit from the real company behind the token.
The more people buy with the token in our shop the more
stabilisation the token gets. Real Company - real products - real people behind it. Be part and take your chance!

crew member
Captain Bulldog

He is a real sportsman. Loves to
travel (not only through space) and
never let’s his friends down!

crew member

The brain of the trio.
Always knows where to go next
and is very loyal to her friends!

crew member

He is a real rascal. Never forgets
anything and knows all the time
what to say to his advantage.

Win win win

The CBR Competition

We will start a BIG GIVEAWAY SPECIAL for all of our Holders!

What do you have to do to enter and potentially win?

1. Invite members
2. Share this promotion
3. Be among the top 300 holders
4. Vote each day to bring CBR to the
Top of the Top!


- the raffle starts if 8.000 holders are reached!

- the draw will take place on December 22rd, 2021 at the earliest (in Germany the delivery takes place on December 23th, 2021, so before Christmas!)

- If no 8,000 holders have been generated by December 22, 2021, the raffle is always extended by 1 month until the 8,000 holders have been reached!

- the market volume is sufficient to be listed on CMC (Each day 10k Market volume)

Price Nr. 1, 2 and 3 go to the top 300 Holders! (Holder Wallet Nr. 1, 2 , 3 are BURN / already burned / Liquidpool and are therefor excluded from the giveaway)

Price 4 - 50 go to ALL HOLDERS FROM Nr. 4 - 8.000‼️

¹ the Car can only be won by an European Holder!
If a non European Holder wins the Car, he/she will get 20.000 USD in Cash.

² This price will be shipped Worldwide where Shipping is possible!

Get to know our

Unique token system

We set up a BuyWallet because you can of course buy manually with the CBR Token in our store. Via Telegram you can order the goods from us and of course you get a normal invoice from us.

We are working on a solution so that in the future you can store with the CBR Token automatically in our store. We hope that together we can realize our goals. All tokens with which one buys our products, flow into our BuyWallet.

Holders will benefit enormously and also potential customers!
If you want to invest in a token with a future, choose Captain Bulldog Reloaded!



Something new

Get to know our


Name: Captain Bulldog Reloaded
Symbol: CBR
Total supply:
Block chain: BSC
Token type: BEP20


0 %


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Community Based

How to…

Buy now
the Cbr token

how to bg
how to bg

1 Open your
wallet app

how to bg
how to bg

2 Send bnb
To metamask Or trustwallet

how to bg
how to bg

3 Connect to

how to bg
how to bg

4 Swap bnb
To cbr

Need any help? - Just contact us on Telegram. We are happy to help you out!

Get to know

The team behind
captain bulldog

The Captain Bulldog team has decided to release its own token because some of us have already made very bad experiences with scam`s and rugpull. We want to create a safe token in which you can invest with a clear conscience!

Only as a strong community we can grow and achieve a lot together. Everyone is welcome to join us on this extraordinary adventure.

team_juraj Goltermann

juraj Goltermann

CEO | Executive Director of CBR
and Captain Bulldog Company

team_Stephan höppner

Stephan höppner

Office | Sales Manager

team_Christine meininger

Christine meininger

Marketing Director

team_Marcel loforese

Marcel loforese

Social Media Director

team_Gizmo | Hannibal | asuna

Gizmo | Hannibal | asuna

Quality Control

Join our journey

Have a look at
Our roadmap

Unfortunately, we do not know what the future will bring and therefore we can not promise anything….but we will work with determination on our goals!

how to bg
  • Website and Social Media Released
  • Online Shop Released
  • Marketing Campaign
  • Shop Campaign starts
  • The English language will be added to
    the online shop
  • CG and CMC Listing
  • Mini Cartoon Series
  • Start Big Giveaway promotion
how to bg
  • Website Upgrade
  • Shop in several languages
  • Captain Bulldog Merchandise
  • Mini Cartoon Series
  • Implement Crypto Payments (BTC, ETH, Dash,….)
  • Shop extension: Toys for pets, dog collars, dog leashes, etc.
  • CBR staking is being built up and added
how to bg
  • Offer shipping Worldwide
  • Franchise Partners in other Countries
    (USA, Asia etc.,)
  • New Shop is presented ( Captain Bulldog
    Sportsware )
  • Online Shop is opened ( Captain Bulldog
    Sportsware ) Initially only for CBR HOLDER
  • Big Marketing with Influencers planned
how to bg
  • Open Captain Bulldog Sportsware Shop for all (Worldwide Shipping )
  • Form partnerships with other projects. Like for example with animal coins. Accept their coins
    in our shop.
  • Hopefully get listed on major exchanges (Binance, Coinbase, etc.) ( We can’t promise such things because we don’t know what the future will bring )

Support our team

Donate and be part
Of the cbr-crew

Scan and support our project. We are
happy about every amount and
every new supporter!


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